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Although it is based on the same principles of yoga for adults, yoga for children is more dynamic, moving, and practiced through play. At YOGUIKIDS we encourage children to experiment and discover their body and mind in a fun way. Classes are based on play and creativity, the same bases as theater.

Children learn by imitation and have the ability to integrate experiences and information even when they are in motion. But above all, children learn by playing. Yoga for children uses images and games to create the postures. A child will become a tree by standing on one leg and raising his arms, branches towards the sky, and without realizing it, he will be working on balance, verticality, concentration … Or he will transform into a cat, getting on four legs and moving all the back while he meows, and will be working the flexibility and the strengthening of the back, at the same time as the coordination of movement and breathing.

Using imagination to create yoga postures in motion and with basic stretches, we promote elasticity, flexibility, and coordination, just as breathing and visualizations help to concentrate, relax, and release energy in a fun way. . Interactive games and moving postures help children learn things about animals, nature and basic anatomy through yoga.

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