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In the “Open Vinyasa” style classes, everyone is welcome. We offer the appropriate adaptations and challenges at the level of each assistant. Assistance with support material is also offered to the less experienced. The “Yin & Yang” class on Tuesdays at 12:00 is a class with a slow pace where the focus is the stretching of the deep tissues through a slow, deliberate and conscious work.

It favors the well-being of the back and the hips. Ideal for everyone, for pregnant women and people with chronic ailments. Vinyasa Yoga classes “Level 2” are aimed at an audience that has experience in the practice of Yoga. We deepen on a physical and energetic level. No assistance is offered to beginners. In the class “Basics and for Beginners” we mainly work Sun Salutation and standing postures so that the student becomes familiar with the main postures used in the Vinyasa Yoga style.

The session is also suitable for those who want to establish themselves in their practice or create a daily practice to perform at home. Ideal for all those who want to start Yoga, and learn the basics of this discipline to be able to evolve calmly in their practice. The small group is maintained to offer personalized treatment. In this class, you can learn at your own pace but with a good level of physical work.

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