Represent your city and help people find more yoga!

Help locals and travelers find the best yoga classes. Here’s what we look for in an Ambassador:


1. Contribute and engage


You are a big fan of the platform and have contributed with reviews, photos, missing yoga studios and have creative ideas on how to improve the site. Other members know who you are!


2. Passion for yoga and wellness


You’ve practiced yoga long enough to know more people gotta know about it. You not only frequent classes, but also love going to workshops, festivals and events related to yoga. You enjoy being a part of this community and making it bigger 🙂

3. Insight


You know where to go for the best Rocket class that will get you pumpin’ or what teacher just gives you the inspiration you need. You are a local authority when it comes to yoga, you could basically be a yoga guide!


4. Sharing is caring


Be it on real life or Social Media, you love to share new findings with your friends and followers. You don’t need to have a million contacts or a big following, just passion to share what you love.

So, do you want to be a part of the family? Drop us an email at and start spreading the yoga!