Your way into Yoga

Aqiara (Aqui + Ara, in Catalan Here + Now) is a platform to find the way back to yourself, wherever you are in the world, through yoga. Travelling somewhere and don’t know where to go for a good yoga sesh? We got you!



Our mission

At Aqiara we not only work hard on compiling all the yoga studios in a city to make it easier for you to find one, but we aim to bring together a community of like-minded people. Here you’ll find a complete overview of the yoga that is available in Barcelona & Madrid (for starters, we will be in your city very soon!). Our top priority is to ensure that all the yoga studios that exist in a city, from big to small, are listed here so that you find the class and teacher you really connect with. If a new studio pops up in your city, Aqiara will be the first one to let you know about it.

The founder discovered yoga at a point of her life where she felt lost and this practice brought direction back into her life. That’s why she decided to help others find their way into this beautiful practice. Finding the right teacher or class is not always fast or easy, and big cities offer a myriad of options to chose from. Especially when traveling, if you want to stick to your practice with a good class, who do you trust?

Aqiara wants to aid in that aspect. Bringing people together through classes and events while also helping you find the best-suited teacher to guide you to your journey inside.



The power to heal ourselves lies within each of us, but it is through our wellness practices that we come home to ourselves, being in the Here and Now.


The Team

Eira Scheper


She was on a trip to Los Angeles to see some friends 2 years ago when she realized she didn’t know where to start looking for yoga studios to try out during her 2 weeks there. She ended up going to random places she found on Google, some of them she liked, some of them she didn’t. She felt like she wasted so much time because of the lack of information online to either find reviews or connect with fellow yogis. That’s when she had the idea to create Aqiara.

Paula García


She makes reference to yoga as her favorite hobby since she discovered it and found it very helpful for a lot of her day to day problems. That’s why when she met Eira and heard about Aqiara she didn’t hesitate to get involved in a company that can help a lot of people find the perfect style and preferences when it comes to yoga so that they can make the most out of their practice.